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Sally Walk



day 2 and 3 - working working

Posted by walksally@gmail.com on December 17, 2012 at 8:15 PM

2 weeks is really not enough time for ceramic work, so days 2 and 3 were really full on in the studio. Everyone of the 24 invited artists were focused on completing their work. It is always interesting at one of these residencies as you are not familiar with the clay or the equipment and you do have to accept that it may never be your best work. As for me, I quite liked the white stoneware clay I was using. I began some slab built sculptures that were familiar to me. It is a bit tricky to start new work, even though my senses were overloaded with new sights and sounds that I know will find their way in to my work at some point. The studio was huge, and Madhur had organised a very well set up work space.



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